CAFFE (Convolutional Architecture for Fast Feature Embedding) is a deep learning framework, originally developed at UC Berkeley. It is open source, under a BSD license. It is written in C++, with a Python interface.


Type of optical sensor with lens and image signal processors, providing low-latency data feed to the dashboard and / or to further processing for computer vision tasks. Lens and ISP will vary depending on application, e.g. surround view cameras are likely to have a wider lens and thus capture more… read more


CarPlay is an Apple standard that enables a car radio or head unit to be a display and also act as a controller for an iPhone. It is available on all iPhone 5 and later models with at least iOS 7.1.


Connected Autonomous Vehicle, the preferred term in the UK.

Construction zone assist

The construction zone assist system keeps the car within a narrower lane by way of steering corrections. To do this, the system takes data from video and ultrasonic sensors and calculates a safe distance on either side to vehicles in the next lane as well as to any crash barrier…. read more

Cross Traffic Alert

Uses side-facing sensors such as RADAR, camera or ultrasonic sensors to alert the driver to traffic moving at a right-angle to the vehicle. Located near the front or rear of the vehicle, detecting traffic that comes from the side, especially in parking situations (to the rear) or blind corners (toward… read more


Parallel computing platform and application programming interface (API) model created by Nvidia.

Curve Steer Warning

Uses satellite navigation and mapping data to alert the driver when approaching a bend too quickly.