Society of Automotive Engineers, which – in the context of autonomous vehicles – created the Levels of Automation scale.


Self Driving Car


Operating system for autonomous vehicles developed by UK university spin-out Oxbotica. Used on numerous vehicles on and off road, as well as in industrial applications.

Sensor Fusion

The blending of signals from sensors to enable appropriate decisions to be made in ADAS or autonomous driving. The second of the three stages of in-vehicle compute required for autonomous driving. For example, blending inputs from a camera, LiDAR and navigational map data to interpret a piece of street infrastructure… read more


Sensor Interface Specification is an open group of organisations from the global vehicle industry, map and data providers, sensors manufacturers and telecom operators. The standards published describe the needed technical requirements of data sets for vehicles submitting rich data gathered by on-board car sensors.

Side View Assist

Typically use ultrasonic sensors prior to a sideways manoeuvre, such as a lane-change. These permit it to monitor the hard-to-see areas to the side and just behind the car. When turning or changing lanes, for instance, the system warns drivers that there is a vehicle in their blind spot by… read more


Software in the loop testing is a test methodology where executable code such as algorithms (or even an entire controller strategy), usually written for a particular mechatronic system, is tested within a modelling environment that can help prove or test the software.


Simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) is the computational problem of constructing or updating a map of an unknown environment while simultaneously keeping track of a vehicle’s location within it.    

Smart Trailer Parking

Smart trailer parking offers a convenient way for drivers to control and park their vehicle and trailer, which may include autonomous or remote control using a smartphone or computer. In addition to control of the vehicle, the trailer hitch will need a trailer angle sensor.  

Software Development Kit

A set of tools — such as performance libraries, leading compilers, performance and power analysers, and debuggers — that decreases the time it takes for developers to build software.