SAE taxonomy describing the levels of automation. Specifically describes motor vehicle driving automation systems that perform part or all of the dynamic driving task (DDT) on a sustained basis. It provides a taxonomy with detailed definitions for six levels of driving automation, ranging from no driving automation (level 0) to full driving automation (level 5), in the context of motor vehicles and their operation on… read more


Guidelines for Safe On-Road Testing of SAE Level 3, 4, and 5 Prototype Automated Driving Systems (ADS) It does not include guidance for testing production ADSs intended for sale to the general public. Proposed guidelines from the SAE On-Road Automated Driving Committee


Dynamic Test Procedures for Verification & Validation of Automated Driving Systems (ADS) Proposed by the SAE On-Road Automated Driving Committee


Automated Driving Reference Architecture Defines an automated driving reference architecture that contains functional modules supporting future application interfaces for Levels 3 through 5 (J3016). The architecture will model scenario-driven functional and nonfunctional requirements, automated driving applications, functional decomposition of an automated driving system, and relevant functional domains (i.e., functional groupings)…. read more


Taxonomy and Definitions for Terms Related to Automated Driving System Behaviours and Maneuvers for On-Road Motor Vehicles The purpose of this document is to provide definitions, taxonomies, and best practices for behaviors and maneuvers of on road automated driving systems (ADSs) for automation levels 3 (“Conditional Automation”), 4 (“High Automation”),… read more


ADS-DV User Issues for Persons with Disabilities It is expected that level 4 and 5 Automated Driving System – dedicated vehicles (ADS-DVs) will eventually enable persons to travel at will who are otherwise unable to obtain a driver’s license for a conventional vehicle, namely, persons with visual, physical, and/or cognitive… read more