Fahrerassistenzsysteme Germany language name for Driver Assistance System.

Forward Collision Avoidance

Use a variety of sensors to determine whether a vehicle is in danger of colliding with another object. These systems sense the proximity of other vehicles, pedestrians, or other objects on the road. When the vehicle is in danger of colliding with another object, the collision avoidance system will warn… read more


Field Programmable Gate Array – An integrated circuit that can be configured after manufacturing. FPGAs offer more flexibility than CPUs (Central Processing Units) or GPUs (General or Graphical Processing Units), and advanced vehicles may have dozens or more. It is often used as an accelerator and excels at parallel processing, while it’s… read more

Functional Safety

Functional safety features form an integral part of each automotive product development phase, ranging from the specification, to design, implementation, integration, verification, validation, and production release. The main standard for Functional Safety in he automotive technology sector is ISO 26262, which was originally published in 2011 and heavily revised in… read more