Level Five welcomes Blickfeld aboard

Jon Hall

17th February 2022

Blickfeld Cube LiDAR sensors

The Level Five Supplies LiDAR sensor menu has been further enhanced by the launch of a new partnership with Blickfeld, a world leader in cutting-edge LiDAR technology for autonomous mobility and IoT applications.

High performance, highly scalable LiDAR

Blickfeld Cube Range 1 LiDAR sensor on a tripod
Highly efficient, compact, reliable LiDAR

Founded in 2017 in Munich, Blickfeld’s vision was to build high performance and mass-producible LiDAR sensors.

The company achieved this by reinventing one of the core components of 3D LiDAR and rethinking the setup of the device. The result is a highly efficient, compact and reliable LiDAR sensor, that, in combination with Blickfeld’s perception software, enables countless mobility, smart city, industrial and security applications.

Making, and measuring, waves

2021 proved to be a huge year for the company with a sizeable increase in their Series A funding, adding new investors to their impressive existing stable.  This investment means that 2022 will see the realisation of significant growth plans, including the development of new products, internalisation of the business and expansion of their teams.

This growth has been reflected by the increase and diversification of use cases for their Cube 1 and Cube Range 1 LiDAR sensors.  Blickfeld Cubes are used across the world in a growing variety of applications, including, passenger detection at Frankfurt Airport,  volume measurement of bulk materials, visitor counting at the IAA, and measuring waves on a beach in the United States.

“We’re excited to work with Blickfeld as a quickly growing and innovative Lidar manufacturer, their dedication to outstanding user experience and design considerably increases the speed at which new users can get started with LiDAR,” said Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, CEO and founder of Level Five Supplies.

“These new products, including Blickfeld’s Percept software system, adds another type of solution to our sensor offering and makes ours the most comprehensive available.”

Specialist LiDAR training

Blickfeld Percept LiDAR perception software
Perception software enables the translation of raw point cloud data from Blickfeld into actionable insights

With so many superb products available it can be a challenge to work out the best solution for your application. Level Five Supplies is delivering specialist LiDAR training courses that will give you an insight and understanding of the technology.

Our training courses offer the ideal combination of theory and practice, ensuring you develop a sound working knowledge of LiDAR hardware and software. You will be able to generate, record and interpret point clouds for robotics, surveying and autonomous systems with this exclusive opportunity to understand the fundamentals of digital 3D LiDAR.