Stereo Camera

Two cameras used in parallel, typically a few inches apart to mimic human vision. Just as in humans, stereo cameras can be used to detect distance, size and speed of objects by sending two slightly different data streams to process. Algorithms detect differences between the data streams and are able… read more

Stop and Go

Automatic switching off of the engine when the vehicle comes to a halt to save fuel while the vehicle is not in motion.  The engine starts again when power is requested. With Stop and Go control over the engine, ACC can stop the car completely and restart the engine once… read more

Surround View Camera

Multi-camera surround view camera systems capture and display the area surrounding the car in a single integrated view on a display in the dashboard, typically to aid parking. Can consist of between 4 and 8 cameras mounted on the vehicle bumpers, wheel arches, wing struts or wing mirrors, front windscreen,… read more